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Lower Leg Wax


Pain Level: Mild


A lower leg wax service removes fuzz and all unwanted hair from the tips of your toes to knee. This wax service eliminates the tediousness and irritation of the a daily shaving routine on the part of your leg with usually the most hair. You will enjoy smoother feeling and long lasting clean looking skin in the lower leg area. Typical results from waxing last between three to five weeks but if you develop a waxing habit you will find out your fuzz will grow back finer and fewer between each additional visit. Please do not shave between visits. Relax and Wax soft wax will be used to wax the lower leg area.

Consult mother nature before you make an appointment. The best time to get waxed is the week after your menstrual cycle when your pain threshold is at its highest. No Scream Cream may be purchased in the shop before your appointment. When used properly Relax and Wax No Scream Cream reduces discomfort by 80%. It must be applied 30 to 45 mins before waxing.

No Trauma Mama is applied after wax service to promote a calming effect and promote faster healing of the skin. This serum is excellent for reducing redness and soothing and calming the skin. Its also available for retail in the shop!

Please remember to schedule 3 weeks after shaving or 4 weeks after last wax for best results.

Avoid Caffeine or Alcohol prior to being waxed; stimulants can cause skin to be extra sensitive.

Please avoid sun exposure or tanning 24 hours prior and post waxing treatment.

Lightly exfoliating the area three 3x/wk with a body brush, sugar scrub, etc is recommended to assist with removing dead skin cell buildup and prevent ingrown hairs and make waxing easier and faster.