Men Facial Grooming Package


It’s a competitive world out there and we all understand the importance of men going that extra mile to stand out from the crowd. Be it to secure that deal, get that job or to impress that special someone, the Men’s Facial Grooming Package has you covered. Men will be able to put their best face forward with a complete masculine brow shaping including between, under, above, and trimming plus inside nose and unwanted ear hair removed. Remove unwanted or unruly hair, with results that last much longer than shaving. After this service you can face the world with confidence again. Typical results from facial waxing last between three to five weeks but develop a waxing habit and your fuzz will grow back finer and fewer between each visit. A combination of hard, soft wax, trimming and tweezing will be use to remove any unwanted hair regrowth. You can relax on the heated table and feel secure that a professional has you covered. After waxing an amazing product from Relax and Wax called No Trauma Mama will be applied after, this serum is excellent for reducing redness and soothing and calming the skin. Its also available for retail in the shop! Some clients may still have redness after waxing so to leave looking your best even while you heal I use Boo-Boo Cover-Up to conceal any redness so nobody has to know about your wax visit. This innovative formula offers great coverage while containing ingredients known in nature to promote healing. We will review any maintenance issues or problems you may have before you leave including at home tweezing, shaving and trimming.


Appointments are 30 mins so no client will ever feels rushed in and out. I strive to be the most relaxing facial waxer in Wilmington NC. Let me know what I can do to achieve that goal!